February 27, 2011

He is Baaacckkk!!!

Ok, So here I am, settled. Another city. Another State. Same Country...I think. Los Angeles seems like another world compared to Utah. I love it here. It feels like home. I have so much to share with you. This week Ill give you the break down of it all. I just had to say a little something so your work day would be fulfilled and not a complete waste of time.


November 8, 2010

Fantastic Finds!

It is not a complete surprise that I LOVE designers!  The work and ideas that they come up with are genius. Now, I have a slight obsession with entertaining-given that information, I am thrilled whenever a fantastic find comes my way! Behold, Missoni for Pellegrino! This sparkling water is sure to make my soirées beat out any other. . . in a friendly competitive sort of way. Right? You may recall my last designer post about John Paul Gaultier for Evian? I am sensing a trend here. 

Look alive people, 


November 5, 2010

Head in the clouds.

Ridding out the week on Rodeo Drive, I would like to finish the send off with this enchanting composition by our friends at Hermès. Now I know that this ostrich is sticking her-I feel like it is a woman, call me crazy, head in the sand, but look closely and she is diving right into a lux weekender bag. To me Svettelana-yes, ok, I named her, has her head in the clouds! Heaven if you will, and you better. . . Now like Svette, I am off to have a fabulous weekend! See you all Monday! 

Birds of a feather flock together, 


November 3, 2010

A look inside...

Fall is upon us! Enter the Rick Owens window. Clearly this is the Maxfield boutique on Melrose. It is one of my absolute favorites within the city. It reminds me of a dark emporium that sells artifacts of warriors skulls next to the latest Balmain and Balenciaga collections. A mix of vintage and straight off the runway merchandise makes this concrete box a haven for my scenes. 

Inside these walls are stacks of vintage Louis Vuitton luggage-to the ceiling! Mannequins donned with Chanel flank the luggage to produce ultimate viewing pleasure. I could get lost in this space for house and still not see every little detail the large persona-that is Maxfield

This window is a perfect example of what I mentioned in my last article about interpretation. What is yours?

Time to think, 


November 2, 2010

Karl, it's cold outside. . .

This past week I was in LA  meeting a friend at Barney's on Rodeo in Beverly Hills for lunch. Being so close to the shopping capital of the United States, well the Western hemisphere to be blunt, I simply had to stop by some of my favorite stores.

 I love interpretation. Everyone has their own flair and vision for it. Sure, I could put this CHANEL tunic on Kate Bosworth and the babe would rock it on some red carpet or at a meet and greet. But what enthralls me with the article of clothing, is the story behind it. What inspired Karl to create this, what he went through to draw it out of him. 

The glossy windows that line Rodeo Drive do exactly just that, they all tell a magnificent story. This window here was nothing short of awe-wakening. To take a trip to the Swiss Alps and still have my feet planted in LA was a defiant experience. 

More of my favorites tomorrow peeping toms, 


November 1, 2010


This blog is a reflection of everything that is me. I love and live for fashion. Hmm, I should have put "live" first. Witty, dry, sarcastic, fast loved, warm and endearing are what others describe me as. Not to mention a babe-see there is my sarcasm. My friends are my family and I treat them as such. I love and adore animals especially my two chihuahuas. I love real fur. I am a walking contradiction, just ask the love of my life Brandon. Through my words you will know me, and it will be the real me. Enjoy.

October 25, 2010

A SNEAK look at Tyrant Collection!

This past week we have been working extreme hours putting together the new campaign for Tyrant Collection! 

The gorgeous Angie Engemann graces this video with her stunning looks that captivate all that watch her. A true modern day siren. Our new girl about town has the confidence and stride that make her the perfect face of our company. We could not be more thrilled to introduce a sneak peek into our latest shoot and show off the latest Tyrant doll.

Enjoy and envy babes,


October 12, 2010

Long Live McQueen!

Yes I write a fashion blog, yes I am a stylist, yes oh yes, I do love Alexander McQueen. There are very few designers that I would say are my "favorite" after all that word is thrown around so often that I feel it looses its credence. McQueen truly is a FAVORITE of mine.

Losing him in the fashion world was a blow that hit hard. When the news struck me I was half way through my scone, latte, and WWD when I received a call from a friend who had read the news from online. I was surprisingly filled with an emotion like a dear friend had passed. Never meeting Lee McQueen, I felt like we had many encounters, sometimes daily, as I fingered through his clothes to dress clients, adorning myself with my most prized fashion possession ( an olive scarf from his latest launch) or reading up on his latest Couture line. He was around more than you knew.

Seeing the latest collection, the first from his right hand woman Sarah Burton who is now at the helm of the dynasty that is McQueen, I was very overjoyed with her taking over the line. The video below says it all. I hope you love it as I do.

Cheerio chaps,


October 11, 2010

October 10, 2010

Alter Ego

As the month thickens to Halloween, the spirits are defiantly out. We all know that I am OBSESSED with all things dark, Gothic, and most important, GLAMOURS! This season Tom Ford was the very essence of just that. Sticking Nicholas Hoult and the gorge Freja Beha along with a very special cameo from the ravens (ahmazing!) His campaign turned out to be nothing less than what I hope to one day live my life like. Everything except the painful crow-on-nipple action. Lets get real, its from Mr. Ford and it wouldn't be his own without that edge. And I wouldn't love him any other way. Edgar Allan Poe would defiantly be proud.

Nevermore. . . I just couldn't resist